I am immersing myself in the artistic, creative, and technical elements of photography, I understand that my clients will wonder about my process. It varies slightly across genre, but the basic elements remain constant. I never send out fewer than one experienced photographer , and depending on the scope of the shoot, and size of the venue, we may send up to two photographers. All photographers will wear the dress code as dictated by your wedding and wedding planner, and are professional and courteous, always. My goal is find that perfect balance of the necessity of the shot, with the comfort of you and your guests. In other words, we do our best to stay largely unnoticed to better capture and encapsulate your magical day in its most raw and beautifully timeless moments.

My goal is to get proofs to you within 10 to 14 days. These are softly retouched proofs that have also been color-corrected and are intended to show you the power and possibility of each image. I don’t add the final layer of digital enhancements until you’ve made your final image selections – and that helps shorten the first draft delivery date by a couple weeks. All proofs are delivered via your own private online gallery, and are large enough format to view detail, but just small enough  to open quickly.

The number of images you will receive varies depending on the assignment. For a standard wedding package we guarantee that a minimum of 150 superb, print-quality images will result from the session. For standard one-hour portrait sessions, we guarantee a minimum of 30 exceptional print-quality images. In most cases your gallery may contain more than the minimum number of images.

Depending on the number of final images you select, and the final retouching of the images, this includes any special requests (such as black and white processing, filters, etc.), you will receive your images anywhere from two weeks to two months after you’ve placed your order. We do our best to accommodate rush or partial rush requests, but please remember that you’ve hired us for the quality of our work – and excellent quality often goes hand in hand with a longer production time.

I require a deposit of 50 percent of the total event cost at the time of booking, and the balance on the day of the event. One-hour sessions can be paid the day of but please keep in mind that if you take a scheduled day, I will hold that time slot for you and it will not be available to anyone else. I kindly ask that if you must reschedule a photo session, please do it as soon as you possibly can.  Any specialized image enhancement and manipulation that requires an additional fee, must be paid upon delivery of the photos.  Payments can be made by cash, check, or Money Order.

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